Delivery charges vary and depend on your location in South Africa via our courier service. You may choose to Pickup at the closest School listed at no cost.
We accept credit cards, debit cards and instantEFT.
Delivery usually takes between 5-7 working days depending on your area of delivery. We always try to deliver as soon as we can.
We ensure that all our orders goes through a secure process to ensure that payment, processing and delivery of goods are in good hands.
Our orders and payments are 100% secure using PayFast which is 3D secure.
In order to increase the life of and to prevent ‘unexplained’ marks on, stretching/shrinking of your garments it is important to follow these suggestions:

  • Read the labels on your washing powders, fabric softeners and bleaching agents and only use only the recommended dosage. Limit use of fabric softeners and bleaching agents
  • Allow washing powders to dissolve in thewater of your basin/washing machine before you place the laundry into the basin/machine. Do not pour washing powderdirectly onto your washing. Too much washing powder will make the fabric ‘hard and scratchy’ and will result inbleach marks on your garments.
  • Read all laundry labels attached to your garments and follow the instructions i.e. water & temperature etc. Our school blazers should only be dry cleaned
  • Sort your washing into piles of ‘light’ and ‘dark’
  • Ensure that all fastening mechanisms are in the ‘closed’ position before you place your laundry into your washing Velcro, open zips, metal buttons, hooks and belts damage fabrics during the wash and spin cycle
  • Add the recommended dose of washing powder (and any other laundry agents) and allow it to dissolve in thewater of your washing machine before you place the laundry into the machine.
  • We recommend that you do not tumble dry your clothing
  • Hang clothes inside out to dry and do not leave garments to dry in hot sunlight or very windy conditions for lengthy periods. This will result in fading or fabric becoming hard
  • It is best to allow stretch fabrics i.e jerseys, swimsuits to dry flat if possible
  • Read the instruction manual of your iron and ensure that you use it correctly. When ironing please following ironing instructions for each garment.
  • Do not iron: School blazers, tracksuits, physical education shorts, jerseys and bathing costumes.
  • Do not iron over any printed artwork or embroidery of any garment.

On a final point all dark colours will eventually fade. The degree of fading depends on how often the garment is washed. Things like toothpaste, hair gels and sprays, perfume, deodorants, sun-tanning lotions/blocks do bleach and stain fabrics (especially collars). If you apply any of the above allow them to dry before they are exposed to any garment.
Instore pickup can be done between 2-3 working days after order has been placed and paid.